Celebrating 20 Years of Senior Living Residents
Having Fun with Technology

2019 was a big year for us, marking the 20th birthday of iN2L and the 60th birthday of our co-founder, Jack York. We decided there was no better way to celebrate than with gratitude—and lots of fun! So, we sent co-founders Jack York and Leslie Sweeney around the country for three months in the official 60/20 Tour van. The goal? To visit as many senior living communities using iN2L as possible, thank them for their support, and spend some time having fun with staff and residents.

Without these communities, the idea of using content-driven technology to engage older adults and improve quality of life would not have grown from being a “crazy idea” to a novelty to a standard of caring for our seniors.

Scenes from the Road

We captured special moments on the 60/20 Tour with the support of HeartLegacy’s app.

Jack’s Road Trip Diary

60/20 Tour: Sincere Gratitude, Bad Negotiating and an Angel Named Dorothy

The Neighborhoods at Quail Creek and Ravenwood & The Arbors Thank you, Americare for such a great day!  The 60/20 tour has...

60/20 Tour: A Couple for the Ages

The Blake at Edgewater and Aldersgate This trip has been full of so much joy,  so much fun,  so much...

60/20 Tour: A Heartfelt Welcome, Harmonica Frenzy, and a Busted Fuel Pump

LindenGrove A single stop today, and a great one.  LindenGrove in the suburbs of Milwaukee is an innovative organization always willing to embrace...

Tour Highlights