Be Recognized for Leveraging the Power
of iN2L + LifeLoop

Communities that shine truly leverage the power of iN2L + LifeLoop to improve the quality of life for older adults. They have integrated technology-enabled engagement into their operations, benefiting not only elders, but also the people surrounding them. They understand that when you connect people to what matters to them—friends and loved ones, experiences, interests, passions—magic happens.

We value our customer communities and welcome any chance to share far and wide the amazing work they do every day to keep our elders happy, healthy, and engaged. Would you like to be recognized as an iN2L + LifeLoop Community That Shines? Tell us more about how you’re using iN2L and/or LifeLoop to help provide an amazing experience for your residents! Simply fill out this form to submit your community for consideration.

A special awards committee at iN2L + LifeLoop will review all submissions and select winners. Winning communities will receive iN2L + LifeLoop Communities That Shine swag, recognition on the iN2L + LifeLoop website and social channels, and be entered into a drawing to win a financial donation to their organization’s foundation or a charity of their choice in their honor. iN2L + LifeLoop will notify winners via email and obtain permission before sharing any information about winning communities with others. Check out the 2021 Communities That Shine Award winners here.

Show us how you shine!   Nominate Your Community

What Makes Communities Shine?

We want to hear how you use iN2L and/or LifeLoop to make positive impacts across your organization, including:

Purposeful Engagement

How do you use iN2L and/or LifeLoop technology-enabled engagement and operational solutions to help create purpose for your residents?

Resident Experience

How does iN2L and/or LifeLoop help improve the overall resident experience you provide?


How are you using iN2L and/or LifeLoop to keep residents better connected to each other, your staff, their families, and the world around them?


How are you using iN2L and/or LifeLoop in marketing and sales to differentiate your community?

Staff Efficiencies

How does iN2L and/or LifeLoop help your staff operate more effectively?

Resident/Family Satisfaction

How does iN2L and/or LifeLoop help you increase residents’ and their families’ satisfaction with your community?

If you use iN2L and/or LifeLoop, fill out a submission form today!   Nominate Your Community

Hear from our Co-Founder Jack York about the Communities That Shine Awards.