A Quiet Star

October 10, 2016

It’s all about the staff! iN2L has been preaching the power of engagement for almost 18 years now and we love our technology. But it’s the folks that drive it – take it to a level we never dreamed of – those are the heroes. A Porsche is only as good as its driver!

One of the cool things we have seen throughout the years is that often times the people who are creative and enthusiastic about our engagement technology are creative and enthusiastic about the folks they serve. Hence the story of Dana Territo, Director of Services for Charlie’s Place, an amazing adult day program with a dementia focus nestled in the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dana has completely integrated iN2L into her programming, of course we love that. But she’s taken it one step further. She helped initiate a program where Eagle Scouts looking to get badges were able to use our technology in a remarkable way. For helping build the life story of one of the resident participants at Charlies Place, the Eagle Scouts earned a badge. Is that cool or what? Read here to learn more about the project.

I was thrilled to be at the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) Conference in Indianapolis two weeks ago where Dana was given NADSA’s Adult Day Service Director of 2016, an honor truly well deserved. Through that process I learned a little bit more about this remarkable woman. She has two sons, two grandchildren, loves to paint and makes wild cakes on the side! According to Barbara Auten, the executive director, she also keeps Charlie’ s Place alive and hopping with her jokes, scrapbooks and other off the wall moments.

One of the biggest joys of iN2L, for me, has been how the work we do has allowed me to meet remarkable and passionate individuals. People changing the world, one older adult at a time. If you’re ever in Baton Rouge and need to watch poetry in motion, check out Dana and the cool goings on at Charlie’s Place. Dana, congrats on your award, take a bow.