Five Million Hours of Joy – Thank You Brookdale!

April 25, 2017

In the hectic lives we all lead, it’s difficult to find time to reflect and congratulate each other on a job well done. The crisis staring us in the face always has a much stronger pull than the successes we sometimes take for granted. But every once in a while something can shake you out of your reality, force you to reflect and pat a whole lot of people on the back. That happened to me and It’s Never 2 Late when we started looking at the results of the relationship we have developed with Brookdale Senior Living. After spending some time looking at our records over the last 5 years, we realized that since our partnership with Brookdale began they have logged over 5 million hours of usage with In Touch (their name for iN2L). In an industry where technology is primarily used in a clinical context, Brookdale had a different mindset. They drove the implementation of our engagement technology with their most vulnerable population, people living with dementia. What a tribute that they had the foresight, long before most others did, that engagement matters to these remarkable individuals with so much left to give.

So congrats to Brookdale on their vision and their execution. Five million hours of fun, of joy, of connections, of life. Success like this does not come without a multitude of committed individuals. Juliet Holt Klinger, Senior Director of Dementia Care Programming for Brookdale, led the charge, but Sara Terry, Todd Kaestner, Bryan Richardson, Andy Smith and the team of dementia care specialists (especially Jane Kirby and Teresa Gilbert) had to buy in as well. But I think our biggest Brookdale kudos goes to the hundreds of Clare Bridge Program Coordinators and other personnel that day to day bring our technology to life – and from that effort comes the resident smiles. From an iN2L standpoint dozens of people also need to be commended for their execution, I particularly want to recognize Kristi Stoglin, Vice President of Operations, for keeping everyone’s eye on the ball through the entire process.

So thank you Brookdale! Your actions speak volumes. You believed that people with dementia deserve the right to take advantage of state of the art technology, not settle for outdated, passive forms of engagement. Five million hours later your vision has come true. But let’s not take too long to pat ourselves on the back, let’s get to 10 million hours by 2019!