The Knight Is Back in Town

October 26, 2017

Francis is back – need I say more? To those of you who know the story, this is chapter three – the return of Francis from Cameroon to the US. If you don’t know the story, here’s a link from an earlier post. It’s a magical, personal journey of two people magically connected through a series of fate driven circumstances: an upper middle class white guy from California via Nebraska and a knight from Cameroon. A chance presentation in Perth lead to a small $500 donation – a donation that Francis used to buy goats which will change the lives of tens of thousands of Cameroonians. Leading Age has been the connection that has put us together. Thank you, Katie Sloan and many Leading Age sites for embracing our journey.

Francis and I are bonded by the exuberant way we both look at life and our joint passion to make the world a better place for older adults. I’ve always felt like iN2L has had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get where we are today but Francis has taught me that the adversity we have faced is insignificant. I haven’t had to deal with death threats as he has! So, over the next three weeks our journey to build awareness for Cameroonian elders will take us to Boston, Washington DC, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, Geor

gia, Washington state and finally California. We will mix fun and work, and share good stories about iN2L along the way. We are delighted that Francis’s wife Rosie will be joining us this time around as we are in dire need of the adult supervision she will provide.

I’ll be filling in stories along the way and welcome stories you have. Our journey never ends, it just builds on itself. Enjoy the ride! Our first stop will be Lasell College in Massachusetts. Talk to you soon!