Activities for Seniors During COVID-19 and Other Resources

At iN2L, we believe that everyone deserves to continue living a full life as they age—one with joy, purpose, and meaningful connections. We are proud to see our senior living partners strive to continue providing those fulfilling experiences for elders throughout the stressful COVID-19 situation and happy to see what a useful tool engagement technology has proven to be. iN2L is here to support you in ensuring the health and happiness of the residents in your care—during COVID-19 and beyond—with resources to keep them connected, engaged, and safe.

Please use the resources below and feel free to share with others.

Use the iN2L Tablet for Telehealth

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has relaxed the regulations for telemedicine. Telehealth services may now be delivered to Medicare beneficiaries by devices with video capability. The iN2L tablet’s new quick-start video chat tool makes the tablet an ideal device to ensure residents are able to keep scheduled appointments for primary care, specialist care, urgent care, mental health, nutrition, and therapy. Family members can also join video appointments from their own devices, so they never miss an important conversation about their loved one’s health.

If you don't yet have iN2L tablets in your community, contact us today to get started!

FREE Activities Resources

Communities that utilize iN2L as part of engagement and activity programming also receive access to a wide variety of printable activity ideas and components for use with residents. During COVID-19, we are making many of these resources available for free to everyone. Browse the links below to find ideas for engaging residents that don’t involve technology, along with free printables for individual use during precautionary isolation.

  • Easy and fun activity ideas for art, culture, and seasons
  • Printable puzzles and games
  • Links to free websites
  • Printable images to paint or color
  • Printable song lyrics for singalongs

Click to download FREE printables!

Links to Other COVID-19 Resources

Using iN2L During COVID-19

Your community’s iN2L system is a great resource for connecting residents to their families when in-person visits are restricted and keeping them calm, entertained, and active during this worrying time. For quick access to our suggested activities as well as informational resources from CMS, tap the COVID-19 Ideas button on your iN2L home page.

For more help using iN2L systems with residents during isolation, contact us:

303-806-0797 ext. 2

Connecting Residents to Family

Use iN2L’s Skype application to keep residents connected with their loved ones via video chat. Need Skype instructions? Click here.

Maintaining Spiritual Activities

For activities that might involve outside visitors, such as clergy members for religious services, consider using iN2L’s large selection of spiritual content, including hymns, videos, sermons, devotionals, Bible stories, and websites.

Creating Calm Environments

When reducing anxiety, refocusing, or redirecting is the task at hand, iN2L offers relaxation videos and ambient sound applications.

Having Fun with Residents

iN2L provides ample opportunities to entertain and involve residents in activities that stimulate conversation, learning, and fun. Utilize for hundreds of printable activities to use during isolation. You can also use residents’ My Page profiles to shortcut to the content that’s proven to best engage them.

TIPS: Keep iN2L Systems Clean and Disinfected

  • Consider assigning Housekeeping personnel to clean and disinfect the systems daily.
  • Use disinfecting wipes and microfiber cloths to remove any residue.
  • Encourage residents and staff to wash their hands prior to using the system.
  • Educate all staff on how to clean iN2L equipment to minimize the potential for cross-contamination, particularly from usage by residents in isolation.
Download printable versions of our iN2L system cleaning checklist to post near or on your iN2L systems in your community. Print out one as a simple reminder or print out the unmarked version and laminate so staff can check off the steps each time.