Epiphanies and Selling

January 23, 2018

While working for a fast-growing company, you hear the word epiphany a lot. My interpretation of epiphany has always been an “Aha!” moment. This past Sunday, I had an epiphany for how to close a sale. Before I could tell anyone about this epiphany, I was curious to see if my interpretation actually matched the definition. I was right, but it was the third definition according to Merriam Webster:

a (1): a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something
(2): an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking
(3): an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure;
b: a revealing scene or moment

The first and second definition of epiphany deal with the appearance of a divine being and the manifestation of Christ. Uniquely enough, I was sitting in church listening to Levi Lusko preach a sermon entitled, “There’s water all around us, but not a drop to drink.” This talk was part of a relationship series called, “Swipe Right.” Levi talked about how the average person now checks their Smartphone every 6 minutes and how many have developed the “Phantom Vibration Syndrome” which is the perception that your mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it never did. He went on to say that in the last 30 years, we have seen more change in the world than all the previous years of recorded history combined — all because of technology. Halfway through the talk, the “illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure,” or epiphany, hit me!

You see, my illuminating discovery was my overall view of It’s Never 2 Late. I have a presentation that I share with caregivers and administrators that goes through story after story about how iN2L has literally transformed and reinvigorated a senior’s life to the point where they are ecstatic about life again! However, at the end of my presentation, I always summarize the five benefits of iN2L and ask what product the community needs. Even though I have been giving the presentations, I had been missing the point.

The benefits are great. iN2L really reduces staff stress and increases engagement. It reduces the need for psychotropic drugs. It differentiates a community from the rest of the market. But the reason someone should get It’s Never 2 Late is because it’s literally changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives living in senior living communities. It gives former pilots the ability to fly a plane again. It gives farmers the ability to visit the old farm and watch live tractor auctions. It gives former musicians the ability to play music again while singing and dancing along. It gives parents the ability to see and talk to their family.

The essential nature of what I sell lies in people we serve, which is the senior and the caregiver. When these people are ecstatic about living life, all of the benefits take care of themselves.