Frequently Asked Questions

What does the iN2L tablet do?

The iN2L tablet makes it easy to ensure your loved one remains happy, engaged, and in touch with the world around them. With an iN2L tablet:

  • Your loved one can easily reach out to you, other family members, and friends for virtual visits with the tablet’s senior-friendly video chat feature.
  • You can share pictures, videos, and text messages directly to the tablet to keep your loved one up to date on special moments and memories.
  • Your loved one can keep up with scheduled healthcare visits—the tablet can be used for telehealth video consultations during the pandemic.
  • Your loved one can explore over 1,000 preloaded content apps on the tablet to learn, have fun, nurture spirituality, improve wellness, and more.


Does the tablet come with any apps on it?

Yes! The iN2L tablet includes over 1,000 interactive content items specifically curated for seniors. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Audiobooks – Listen to books on a variety of topics and discuss with family and friends in book club-style conversations.
  • Music – Browse therapeutic music categories or use Sing Along with Suzie Q.
  • Travel – Explore new places and reminisce about countries, states, and national parks visited through videos and pictures.
  • Relaxation – Relax and reduce stress through sensory and nature videos.
  • Spiritual – Nurture spirituality through devotions/sermons, music, and verses of the day.
  • Movies and TV shows – Watch films and television shows from days gone by with on-demand viewing.
  • Games – Play cards, trivia, word games, and puzzles.
  • Learning – Discover videos, TED Talks, activities, and more about topics of interest, such as inspirational discussions, art, gardening, animals, and sports.


How big is the tablet?

The iN2L tablet is a WiFi-enabled Samsung Galaxy with a 10.1” display. The tablet comes with a full-body protective case with a built-in kickstand.


Who will help my loved one set up the tablet once they receive it?

The tablet will ship to your loved one ready to use. Included with the tablet is an easy Getting Started Guide to orient them to the tablet and show them how to turn it on, connect to WiFi, and use the video chat feature. Your loved one can also watch the training videos on the tablet to get more information on specific topics. Additionally, community staff have been trained on the tablet and will be available to help your loved one.


How can I get help with the tablet if I need it?

iN2L’s support team is available to help you between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm MT, Monday through Friday. Please use the online chat window in the bottom right corner of our website to reach us.


How do I cancel the subscription for my loved one’s tablet?

Please email iN2L at to cancel your tablet subscription.

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