Tech-Powered Social Connections for Senior Living Communities

Seniors crave opportunities to feel involved in meaningful activities and the ability to create and maintain connections with others. In fact, two-thirds of senior living residents say they would like to make more friends in their community. With iConnect, you can make that happen.

Introducing iConnect

Re-imagine resident engagement with a platform that drives interest-based connections and personalized, enriching experiences. The result? Greater well-being and purpose for residents. Greater satisfaction for their families. More efficiency and fulfillment for staff. That’s the iConnect experience, where camaraderie, personalized engagement, and connections are the norm.

iConnect brings your community together with the help of technology, allowing you to create fulfilling experiences for residents with technology they’ll feel confident using, while also empowering staff with a platform that makes their jobs more efficient and fulfilling.

iConnect offers residents:
  • More opportunities to be involved in meaningful activities
  • More chances to create and maintain connections with others
  • A larger social network
  • Greater happiness and well-being
  • Increased satisfaction

Discover the difference iConnect can make in your community.

Powerful Features to Drive Connections

iConnect is an end-to-end technology solution that sparks and nurtures social connection in senior living.

Comprehensive digital profiles

iConnect automates the creation of profiles for every resident. No more time-consuming and paper-based processes for getting to know residents.

Dynamic interest matching

Group activities become even more engaging, as community staff members use iConnect to bring smaller groups of residents together for activities based on shared interests.

Recommendation engine

Each resident receives their interest-based neighbor matches and personalized recommendations for iN2L content that aligns with their preferences.

Senior-friendly connectivity tools

Residents can always stay connected with family and friends with video calls, messaging, photo sharing, and collaborative digital scrapbook creation.

Seeing is believing. Schedule a demo today to see how iConnect works.


Get the Insights You Need to Reduce Social Isolation and Improve the Resident Experience

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s clear that facilitating meaningful social opportunities for residents drives satisfaction. Read our report to find ways your community can create the social connections that attract new residents and maintain occupancy.

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