iN2L Lives Here

When you see the “iN2L Lives Here” badge…

You are in a community that’s dedicated to providing the engaging experience each senior deserves.

  • There is joy and laughter, passion and purpose, fun and learning.
  • There are social connections and friendships.
  • There is dignity in aging.

iN2L content-driven engagement technology makes it easier for seniors to get to know each other and staff over fun activities that foster camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

iN2L Lives Here badge

See iN2L in Action

iN2L was built on the idea that it’s never too late to have a fulfilling life. Regardless of a person’s ability, iN2L content-driven technology makes it possible for them to connect with the world and the people around them through content-driven experiences that are engaging and tailored to their interests.

iN2L enriches seniors’ lives with…

Meaningful digital experiences

iN2L is programmed with more than 4,000 digital content applications for  hobbies, games, therapy, reminiscing, music, virtual travel, 1:1 interaction, and so much more.

iN2L content is regularly refreshed and updated, so there are always new choices to delight your loved one.

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Older adults using engagement technology to play a game

Easy-to-use technology

Seniors feel empowered as they easily navigate the fun-to-use iN2L touch screen systems.

There’s even an area on iN2L to create a personal profile, or My Page, for your loved one to save their favorite activities, personal photos, contacts, and videos under one easy‐to‐use button.

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Family connections

With easy-to-use video calling, the iN2L touch screen systems make it easy for seniors to communicate with you and your family.

Plus, seniors can use the iN2L for telehealth appointments, which supportive family members can also join from their own devices.

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