Spark Joy With Person-Centered Resident Engagement

Communities are more vibrant when they facilitate person-centered resident engagement to help each senior continue living a full life as they age—one with joy, purpose, and meaningful connections. iN2L brings people together, connecting seniors with what interests and fulfills them and enabling them to share conversations, interactions, learning, and fun with each other, their caregivers, and family members. iN2L helps create experiences focused on each individual elder that foster camaraderie, meaning, and a sense of purpose, positively impacting every member of the community surrounding them.

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Vibrant Experiences,
Vibrant Communities

The iN2L Experience

There are many ways your residents and staff can use iN2L. Find out why more than 3,700 communities trust iN2L as a value creator for their resident experience.

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“iN2L’s content is a great tool during our therapy sessions. It gives us the ability to tailor sessions to each resident and ensure they stay engaged and get what they need out of our time together.”



“We loved being able to build a personalized page for Mom with her favorite games, songs, TV shows, family photos, and more. The first week after we moved her in, her caregivers video-called us every night so we could see how she was doing. Now, we use iN2L every week when we go visit. Her memory isn’t great, but we have fun going through travel photos together—it’s amazing when she sees a place she visited 50 years ago and immediately brightens up!”

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

“Family members love when we show them how we use iN2L to create a personalized profile for their loved one. When they see how we get to know our residents and make sure we’re focusing on their passions and interests, they can feel good about having their loved one move in. Plus, we show them how we use iN2L for video calls, night-time tuck-ins—whatever they need to put their mind at ease.”

Memory Care

Memory Care

“I use iN2L mostly one-on-one, either on the large touch screen in our common room or on personal tablets. The tailored content helps with reminiscing and gives us the ability to connect each resident with what’s meaningful to them—the house they grew up in on Google Maps, WWII trivia, their favorite song, or photos of Paris. That means less agitation, more calm and positive days, and a happier environment for all our residents and staff.”

Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment

“I use iN2L to facilitate social events like trivia, sing-alongs, and game night. Our independent and assisted living residents look forward to coming together to socialize. It brings value to our activity programming and enables my team to provide engaging activities for our residents with less prep time.”



“I have friends to share interests and activities with.”

“I’m known and I matter in the community.”

“I am connected with my family.”

“I’m getting more out of therapy.”

“I feel at home.”

Touch Screens for Person-Centered Resident Engagement

iN2L offers a variety of system options designed to meet the specific needs of your residents and community:

  • Enhance social interaction by using larger systems for group activities, or by bringing our engaging content directly to individual residents or small groups with a movable system.
  • Use iN2L tablets to connect with residents one-on-one or as a portable engagement tool for family visits or small groups and clubs.

Learn how you can leverage iN2L technology to build a new framework for resident engagement.

The Benefits of iN2L

Hear what some of our clients have to say about how iN2L positively impacts their communities.

Here’s What iN2L Communities Say

Find out how iN2L can make a difference in your community.

Leverage Technology to Drive Purposeful Engagement

This white paper offers actionable strategies for creating the resident experience seniors need and want. With the strategic use of engagement technology and a different approach to life enrichment and staffing, you can empower seniors to decide how and with whom they spend their time.

The Path to Purposeful Engagement

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