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Content That Sparks Possibilities

When personally relevant to the elder, content is a powerful tool, capable of creating sparks. Sparking joy and laughter. Sparking interest in learning. Sparking connections with others, families, and caregivers. Sparking memories of a life well-lived.

Strategically designed by a full staff of content development specialists, iN2L’s expansive, targeted library of more than 4,000 content items supports the core dimensions of wellness. iN2L makes it possible to customize elder engagement for every use case. Use each resident’s personalized My Page profile to shortcut to their favorite content applications and add photos and video from their family. Our focus on regular content development ensures new choices for meaningful programs and activities are always at your fingertips.

“iN2L offers endless possibilities for joyful activities. One icon leads to 10 icons, that lead to another 10 icons, each representing an aspect that staff can utilize with residents.”

Sally Plank

Executive Director, Sunny View


Make it easy for staff and residents to get to know each other. Create a page for each resident to showcase their favorite content and a personal narrative or profile. Customize each My Page through the system, in the community, or remotely through the family portal.


Connect residents to each other, staff, and family members. Provide easy access to Internet applications to stay in touch with the world, as well as email and video chat tools to stay connected with friends and family. Social-oriented content such as Tell Your Story, Reminisce, music and videos, holiday activities, classic radio, TV, and sing-alongs encourages social interaction and sharing with other residents.


Spark thinking with content designed to improve memory, attention, language, and executive and visual spatial brain functions. Quizzes, news items, history, puzzles, activities, and games encourage fun cognitive engagement for groups and individuals alike.


Support a diverse range of faith groups and personal worship preferences with hundreds of spiritual experience applications. Videos, hymns, sermons, devotionals, Bible stories, and spiritual websites are at your fingertips to easily create welcoming spiritual and faith-based activities for all.


Encourage movement and activity with videos, content, and activities ideal for fun, exercise, or therapy. Lead residents in tai chi, aerobics, or other popular exercises. Bring back the simple enjoyment of past everyday activities with simulators for biking, driving, and flying. Support OT, PT, and SLP therapeutic sessions with activities developed by therapists.


Engage residents with tools to support and encourage healthy, happy, and calm emotional well-being. iN2L includes an extensive music therapy program designed by music therapists, relaxation videos, and ambient sound applications, as well as easy ways to connect residents with content aligned with their interests.

Why iN2L?

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