Essential Features for Customized Engagement

All iN2L solution packages come with the content, hardware, software, and training your team needs to deliver what’s important for elders, their families, staff, and the community. A subscription to iN2L provides regular content refreshes, unlimited technical support, and proactive maintenance, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date solution to create value in your community.

Three elders sharing tablet on couch

Enrich Elders’ Lives

It’s never too late to enable individuals to find fulfillment, purpose, and enjoyment in life, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. iN2L offers:

  • The industry’s most robust content library, designed to support the core dimensions of wellness and regularly updated by our team of content specialists
  • The ability for endless customization of engagement opportunities, making it easy to connect with all elders on a personalized level
  • Opportunities for residents to safely experience activities representing freedom and independence—driving, bicycling, and flying—through iN2L’s Engagement Package
  • The option to quickly use technology-enabled engagement to redirect residents with unmet needs instead of medication

Create Connections

Connecting seniors to their interests, peers, staff, and families creates camaraderie, happiness, and a better quality of life. iN2L offers:

  • Opportunities for elders to find common ground, work together to solve challenges, and socialize with others
  • A tool that can be used by all generations to enhance the quality of interaction during family visits
  • Content, activities, and simulation experiences that connect elders to the world around them
  • Easy ways to ensure residents’ interests, personalities, and life stories are known and understood by staff, leading to more personalized care and relevant interactions

Empower Staff

Empowering care team members with the proper tools enables them to provide the highest quality interactions for seniors and feel more fulfilled by their work. iN2L offers:

  • Regularly updated ideas and schedules for content and activity programming to take the time and guesswork out of planning
  • An intuitive interface that provides flexible and seamless movement from one activity to another based on resident or group preferences
  • The ability to spend more time interacting with elders instead of planning activities and curating content
  • An easy way to make content programs accessible for specific situations such as volunteer coordination, special events, weekend activities, sundowning, and more

Differentiate Your Community

With joyful connections at the center of the resident experience, iN2L enhances and differentiates your community’s culture. iN2L offers:

  • The ability to deliver on the promise of personalized care with easy-to-use technology in a way that sets your community apart
  • A demonstrated commitment to and investment in resident quality of life
  • A tool to showcase the planned resident experience in pre-opening tours for new builds
  • The opportunity to create a personal profile for a prospective resident before a tour to show how your community provides person-centered care and engagement
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System Options

The iN2L solution is accessible through a variety of system options designed to meet the specific needs of your residents and community.

iN2L Tablet

The Ultimate Connection Care Package for Seniors

Available in both WiFi and Cellular + WiFi options, the iN2L tablet offers the ultimate person-centered experience with a senior-friendly interface, easy connection tools, and an expansive selection of specially-curated content that can be tailored to resident preferences. Individualized engagement can help manage behaviors and engage residents while offering the added flexibility of easily connecting them with others in a familiar technology format.

Why choose tablets?

  • Offer elders the ultimate individual engagement tool, whether using tablets as shared or individual devices
  • Great for video calls with families when in-person visits are limited
  • Attend healthcare provider appointments as telehealth video visits
  • Ideal for introducing more reluctant seniors to the idea of technology
  • Easily utilized by staff to redirect residents with unmet needs instead of administering medication
  • A cost-effective option for offering technology-enabled engagement to respite or short-term rehab residents

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iN2L 55” and 75" Systems

Large Touch Screens for Enhancing Group and Individual Engagement

Our 55″ and 75″ systems combine full television functionality with an easy-to-see large format touch screen plus convenient mobile and wall mount options. An included minicomputer comes loaded with the exclusive iN2L interface and content suite.

Why choose a large screen system?

  • Perfect for encouraging groups of elders to come together to share interests, activities, social interaction, and fun
  • Builds camaraderie and inclusion
  • Icons and content are larger and easier for residents to see, touch, and interact with accurately
  • Larger screens promote reaching and moving
  • Flexibility as wall-mounted or movable units
  • Full functionality as a TV

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iN2L 23” Mobile FLEX System

Ultimate Flexibility for Personalized Engagement Experiences

Our Mobile FLEX system includes the convenience of a small-sized screen in a movable format. Enjoy a 23″ touch screen system fully loaded with the iN2L content suite on a motorized, height-adjustable cart with an articulating arm. Available with or without the Engagement Package.

Why choose a Mobile FLEX system?

  • Perfect for group engagement, therapy use, and one-on-one activities
  • Easily bring an engagement experience to residents who might be less mobile
  • Height-adjustable cart and articulating arm encourage reaching and moving
  • Easily move to patios or porches for outdoor activities
  • A cost-effective way to ensure all areas of the community benefit from iN2L by purchasing multiple systems
  • Also available without the cart as a 23” desktop computer

iN2L Engagement Package

Reconnect Seniors to Fun Activities

The Bike Simulator, Flight Simulator, and Drive Simulator bring person-centered engagement and a feeling of control back to individuals. Whether they’re a former fighter pilot who misses being in the sky or simply someone who remembers the freedom of driving or bicycling, residents will enjoy being “on the move” with the Engagement Package.

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