iN2L Group Engagement Systems Create Meaningful Experiences Every Day

It’s never been more critical to combat social isolation and loneliness among seniors. With iN2L’s group engagement platform, your community can facilitate social connections and meaningful enrichment through content-driven digital experiences. Whether your focus is large groups, small groups, individual experiences, or all of the above, you can connect seniors to who and what matters to them most.

There’s an iN2L group engagement solution for every setting and for every life enrichment strategy.

Senior living engagement technology for group activities

Take a closer look at iN2L group engagement systems.

Your Community’s Complete Group Engagement Solution

iN2L group engagement systems make the resident experience better. Your community gains efficiencies in planning activities for seniors, providing the person-centered engagement seniors need, and scaling staff engagement and marketing.

Streamline Activities Programming

Activities and life enrichment professionals as well as other care team users have a robust content library of over 4,000 items at their disposal to design programming that caters to residents’ purpose, passions, and interests. As a result, meaningful engagement experiences are easier to accomplish, allowing staff to focus more time and energy on residents’ needs and less on planning.

Key benefits
  • iN2L’s simple, intuitive interface is easy to navigate. And with powerful search capabilities, users can easily find new and engaging content to keep elders’ attention.
  • The iN2L platform intelligently recommends the newest and best content, so enrichment programming is always fresh and exciting—for both residents and staff.
  • Regularly updated ideas and schedules for content and activity programming take the time and guesswork out of planning.

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Enrich Lives With Social Connection and Customized Engagement

For innovative communities that want to provide the best resident experience, iN2L’s group engagement solutions offer the right tools to drive purposeful engagement and meaningful socialization for residents.

Key benefits
  • Each senior has a personalized system profile with shortcuts to their favorite content applications, personal photo albums, photos and messages from family and friends.
  • iN2L’s user-friendly interface and streamlined layout makes it easy for seniors to use the system during resident-directed group activities.
  • Video calls and other livestream capabilities are included on all systems, so residents can connect with family and friends or even virtually attend important family gatherings.

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Take an Enterprise Approach to Resident Engagement

Realize the benefits of using iN2L touch screen systems throughout your community. Resident satisfaction and occupancy rates will increase as staff enrich residents’ lives at every touchpoint, making person-centered, technology-enabled engagement a point of differentiation in your market.

Key benefits
  • The system is easy to learn and can be used by a broad range of team members—from volunteers and reception to therapy and marketing staff.
  • With staff profiles, you can seamlessly involve employees in technology-driven engagement initiatives, providing another avenue for professional development.
  • Residents’ profiles can be accessed through every iN2L system, which means that all staff can play a role in each resident’s care plan.
  • During tours with families, the system can be used to showcase the planned resident experience.

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Marketing tour for prospective resident

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Create The Optimal Resident Engagement Experience

As we continue moving into our next normal, communities have an opportunity to break away from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to resident enrichment to adopt a new standard: purposeful, resident-driven engagement.

This webinar explains why your community should emphasize purposeful engagement and how engagement technology supports this strategy.

Bring social connection and a person-centered experience to seniors in your community. Learn more about iN2L group engagement systems.