Power Up Resident Engagement

After talking with seniors about what they want in personal technology, we designed and innovated the iN2L tablet—a touch screen device that’s easy to hold, easy to sanitize, and empowers older adults of all cognitive and physical abilities to connect with their family and friends and pursue what interests them.

From shared moments with friends in small-group settings to interacting with family or exploring content they love, the iN2L tablet puts seniors in control of their engagement.

Give Seniors What They Need Most:

Engagement Their Way

It’s Enriching

Empower Seniors to Find Meaning and Purpose Every Day
  • From the moment elders turn on their tablets, they have access to content that is meaningful to them.
  • Each tablet comes preloaded with expertly designed and curated content, including more than 1,000 games, puzzles, movies, audiobooks, and more.
  • Plus, residents will be prepared for periods of precautionary isolation. The iN2L tablet can keep them connected to friends, family, and the content they enjoy.

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It’s Personal

Encourage Elders to Personalize Their Device for the Best Experience
  • Seniors can customize their experience based on their content preferences, photos, and contacts. This is true personalization at its best.
  • At the start of each session, residents’ individual home pages welcome them with a personalized message based on the time of day. Each profile homepage also contains the date and current weather in their location.
  • Large fonts and on-screen controls to adjust volume and brightness with the tap of a finger empower seniors to create their own optimal user experience.
  • The most important things, including personal contacts, photos, and favorite content items, are organized for easy access on each user’s homepage.

It’s a Connector

Keep Seniors Connected to Family, Friends, and Healthcare Professionals
  • One-touch video calls make it easy for residents to reach out to family and friends.
  • Easy photo sharing and texting help residents keep up with grandkids, children, and other special people in their lives.
  • The iN2L tablet can be used to keep scheduled provider visits as telehealth appointments so residents never miss a checkup or important doctor’s visit.


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It’s Simple

Put Seniors in the Driver’s Seat
  • This sturdy, 10-inch senior-friendly device is WiFi-enabled and boasts a fresh design and consistent look and feel across all content, which makes it easy for residents to engage in their favorite activities.
  • Simple, intuitive instructions at every turn help residents operate the device without staff assistance. There’s no need for any previous smartphone or tablet experience.
  • Security features give families peace of mind and keep seniors safe and in control when using the iN2L tablet.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About the iN2L Tablet

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Give seniors the independence to manage their own entertainment and intellectual stimulation with ease.