Why iN2L for Therapy?

While there are many options for therapy tools, iN2L offers a wide range of person-centered and engaging, yet clinically-focused therapy applications to facilitate clinical outcomes and operational growth.

Designed by therapists, for therapists, iN2L systems are as FUN as they are clinically valuable! Tech-savvy therapists will love the speed, innovation, and diverse tools. Clinicians who are less comfortable with new technology will love the simple, adaptive, and customizable user interface. All staff will love the patient-centered impact that iN2L brings to individual treatments.

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Benefits of Using iN2L in Therapy

Innovation: Establish your organization not only as a premier provider of rehab services, but as an innovator of patient-centered rehab technology.

Marketability: Set yourself apart by leveraging iN2L products as an operational, social, and therapeutic engagement tool that can work as a market differentiator to drive and support census development opportunities.

ROI: Facilitate longer, more thorough, and interesting treatment sessions for all therapy disciplines with the system that never sleeps! iN2L has content for all therapy disciplines and for clients across all ability levels, so it never needs to sit idle.

Adaptability: The vast iN2L content library, varying screen sizes, and cart options allow therapists to reach all clients, at their level, at that moment. We know that people’s preferences and skill levels may change monthly, weekly, or even daily, so our large content library allows therapists to react quickly when the needs or wants of a patient change.

Clinically Driven Engagement: iN2L systems offer hundreds of cognitively stimulating games, puzzles, learning experiences, trivia, and much more for residents and families of ALL ability levels. In addition, subscribers enjoy the fact that our routine content updates and enhancements ensure that the experience never gets old.

Social Connectivity: Easily connect patients with family or friends via our video chat feature on our tablets or video chat options of your choice on the bigger systems. A simplified start page for the Internet puts common websites and browsing options at their fingertips.

Improve Patient & Family Satisfaction Scores: More engaging connections and easier rapport building. Having a focus on patient-centered interests and building stronger personal relationships will drive satisfaction and keep people looking to your community for their rehab needs.

Intuitive Design: iN2L systems are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for all users, regardless of their cognitive abilities. Using an iN2L system requires no previous computer experience.

Training and Support: Training and support come directly from licensed therapists with many years of clinical care, dementia training, and technological knowledge. Webinars, on-site training, and support documents provided.